Shopping during your vacation abroad is an irresistible indulgence. Imagine standing proud of your bargain conquests at the store, and you find out your wallet is missing. More guilt and frustration creeps in when the nearby surveillance camera shows that your purse was picked while you were bonding with the goodies down the store aisle.

Could there be a worse nightmare ever?

A stolen wallet scenario is more than just losing money. Your IDs, licences, debit/credit cards, business/ personal contact and keys could be lost along with the cash. So, instead of flying off the handle, try to get a quick grasp of the situation. Make sure you take the necessary steps below to salvage the situation.

Gain your composure and make a list

Calm down, take a deep breath, think clearly and write down the contents of your wallet.  Also make a list of the people you need to notify about the loss to prevent any misuse. Don’t miss to make a note of pictures or any other personal details in your wallet. This will help you warn your dear ones against any unsolicited advances.

Report the theft

Go to the nearest police station and file a report on the stolen wallet. You’ll need a copy of this report to process any duplicate IDs, insurance claims, card replacements etc.

Keep your money safe

Call the 24 hour helpline of your bank and debit/ credit card companies to block the card usage immediately. This will stop you from losing your money in addition to suffering from a ruined trip!

Get help from your embassy

It’s a good idea to notify your country’s embassy at the destination. They will be helping you out with the right contacts to get in touch.

Protect identity and property

If your ID, passport and driving licences were part of your wallet, then immediately call the respective offices back home.  Notify the theft and also request for duplicate copies. Since your name, work and residence addresses have been stolen, take help from neighbours to watch out for strange occurrences around your place. Once you reach home, invest in a good security system, as organised criminals don’t hesitate to cross borders for their loot.

Claim Insurance

Speak to your travel insurance provider to begin processing your claim. They will need you to submit the police report before going ahead with the process.

Receive money in an instant

In case you do not have access to any cash, ask your friend or family member from home to send money overseas as soon as possible. There are several trustworthy instant money transfer providers in the market, through whom you can receive money within minutes.

In the future to avoid mishaps such as these, please do not carry original IDs, passports or all the cash in your wallet. Always leave some reserve cash and photocopies of all important IDs and documents in your hotel room locker. It’s safe to carry a multi currency travel card, which can be used at POS machines, ATMs etc., and if stolen can be reported and blocked. Attaching digital trackers to your wallet is also a good idea to track down your precious belongings.


Raise your guards and be vigilant always, to protect your money, identity and property!