When the wedding bells ring, it’s time for both excitement and tension. The excitement is natural for the family, the bride and groom in question and friends. Now imagine the stress that family and friends go through wondering what to gift the expat couple. After all having lived abroad, it’s difficult to figure out what’ll be useful and can be carried back without too much hassle. Don’t fret, here are four great options of how and what you can gift your expat soon-to-be-married friend.

Online gifting

Knowing the likes and dislikes of the groom or bride can help in finding the perfect gift for them online. Check if it can be shipped to the country of residence and just buy it. Alternatively, you could courier something directly, but it might prove to be a bit expensive. Imagine the surprise and sheer joy when the bride/ groom open their gift.

Gift coupons/ cards online

A gift card is loaded with money which can be redeemed while shopping online. Online retail majors such as Amazon have this service. The receiver can then choose to buy whatever they need or like with the gift card. These have a validity date and can be purchased for denominations of your choice. The couple receives a gift card via email and all they need to do is shop with the gift coupon code. So convenient, yet so thoughtful.

Gifting via a wedding registry

Wedding registries are very popular in developed nations; the bride and groom register themselves on the registry and you can choose to gift the couple from the published list.  This allows you to know even before gifting what the couple would like and secondly the gifts could be shipped to them directly.

Prepaid Travel Card

Purchase a prepaid travel card and load it with an international currency such as the USD (accepted in all countries). These multi-purpose travel cards also come with free travel insurance and currency rate locking facility. The couple can use it during their travels or on their honeymoon. It’d be a truly memorable gift.

Of course the expat couple going ‘home’ to get married would also need to have ready money to spend. They can always transfer money before leaving, via bank transfer using the services of a money exchange provider. Alternatively, they can carry some foreign exchange to be converted when the need arises. Or they can even carry a travel card and load it with currency for all their shopping needs.

As for those wondering what to gift, you know what to do, so start shopping and spread the joy.