Getting ready for your summer travel?

As the mercury level rises, most of us feel like sneaking out to the cooler sides of the planet.  Waking up amidst snow-capped hills/mountain ranges such as the Alps or Himalayas will help you relax, and soothe your mind, body and soul.

However remember to plan your itinerary and finances carefully so that you don’t get yourself caught up in any hassle especially those with regards to cash and forex.  Carrying a multi currency prepaid travel card is the best way to be stress free and not worry about money issues at all.

Don’t know what exactly you need to look for when choosing a travel card? Then read on to know!

Rate lock facility

If you want to save money while travelling, then your travel card should have the exchange rate lock facility. Here is how it works.

We all know exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis. One day it’s ideal and the next day it skyrockets, making us lose money. The forex rate lock facility gives you the freedom to lock favourable rates and use them later during your travel, when the rates go haywire. This feature helps you save a lot of money.

Multi-currency feature

If you are looking to travel across multiple countries, then this feature will come handy. You need not carry separate travel card for each currency. Just one travel card that has the facility to load, manage and use multiple currencies will do.

ATM withdrawals

There may be days when you need actual cash in your hand. Hence check if you can use the card to withdraw money from ATMs without any exorbitant withdrawal fee.

Easy payments

Travel usually involves shopping, accommodation, dining, ticket booking, car rentals, etc., all of which require online or POS payments. Hence ensure that your travel card can help you pay anywhere without any hassles.

Simple reload

 Ensure you can reload cash on your card, on the go without steep charges.

24/7 customer care

Since you would be  depending on your travel card for your daily cash requirements, you need 24/7 free access to the customer support team. If in some unfortunate scenario, you lose your travel card the replacement card should be provided by the support team within 24 hours.

Fee and charges

Surprising as it may sound, few cards charge you even when you don’t use them. So, check for application and replacement fee, transaction fee, inactivity and hidden charges, cash withdrawal fee at ATM machines and SMS notifications fee before yourpurchase the card.

If you find that your travel card scores positively on all the above features, you can go ahead and get the card before you head out on your holiday.

Remember, never settle for less!